October 13, 2015

In The Headlines: The Popularity of Erotic Fan-Fiction

This week, The Huffington Post featured an in-depth article about the prolific world of erotic fan-fiction.

A couple of my personal favorite femslash pairs

Particularly fascinating--but perhaps not very surprising--are the conclusion the author draws about fan fiction erotica creating a more accessible sexual exploration for young women, queer youth, and POC fans. Where mainstream pornography regularly caters to white, heterosexual, and cis male viewers, fan fiction erotica acknowledges a wider range audience and allows more diverse recognition.

What say you? What are your thoughts on erotic fan fiction? Do you agree it creates a positive medium for multiple diverse audiences? How effective and important do you feel this accessibility to erotic content really is?

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  1. I think erotic fan-fiction has allowed many many people to explore all manner of pairing they would never have thought of otherwise, across species, race and sexual genders in every conceivable combination. How could that be anything but positive?!

  2. It certainly does open new doors for people, and brings about lots of creativity.


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