October 21, 2015

Wednesday Writing Challenge: Showing, not Tellin

Welcome to the Wednesday Writing Challenge!

Every Wednesday, I pose a new writing challenge here on the blog. 

The Wednesday Challenges are open to all readers. In order to participate, simply comment on the challenge post with your response to the exercise. Not only is it good practice, but you could win something nifty and fun!


September Prize: Free Copy of Satin and Steel

(You may request Blood and Fire Book 1 instead)
The Books of Blood and Fire, Book 2!


 And now...

***Here's Today's Challenge!***

Choose an emotion. Any emotion.

Write a 5-sentence story that:

Tells us about this emotion without ever saying what that emotion is. Never name the emotion. 

Describe it only.

Commenters will try to guess your emotion!




Tip: Use things like dialogue and body language to show us how/what the character is feeling.

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