April 18, 2012

Commentary: Heart of a Stray

This is a story that has been brewing for a while, simply looking for the right plot to give it life.  I've been fascinated with the idea of writing a "Perfect Love Triangle" polyamorous couple for at least a year.  The phrase"Perfect Love Triangle" was actually used by one of my middle school teachers in describing the conflict between Arthur, Guinevere and Lancelot.  The key to the "perfect" triangle is that all three members love each other.  It's not a matter of two men fighting over one girl (or two women over one dude)... each member loves each other in equal measure.  I'm not sure anymore if I really agree with the Arthur/Gwenny/Lance "perfect" triangle anymore, but when it occurred to me to write something feature a polyamorous trio instead of a traditional couple, that was the phrase that stuck in my head.

I've written threesomes before, of course, but always in the context that a threesome sex scene is more about the kink of it than anything else.  In Heart of a Stray, this threesome is more about the romance between the three partners.  As such, it is perhaps a bit more fanciful, a bit more sugary than other group scenes I've written... but I'm very happy with how it turned out.  For one thing, I'm especially happy that though it's a M/F/M threesome, the sexual engagement does not entirely revolve around the female.

Finally, Heart of a Stray is part of the Blood and Fire canon that I've mentioned before.  In this story you'll get a little bit more of a glimpse at the makeup of the five demon nations, especially the second and third "bloods", werewolves and shadiil.  There's a little more insight into the role of "bastard" demons (like Rhiannon, my lady vampire from Lotus Petals), called "four-fangs".  But while I could write many more stories about how these particular supernatural characters fit into the greater web of the Blood and Fire hierarchy, for now I am happy to give you just a sweet little tale of their relationships to each other.  

Oh, and some hot, heavy sex.  Can't have a Foreplay and Fangs short without hot, heavy sex, of course.

So I hope you enjoy Heart of a Stray! 

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