April 2, 2012

Let's Make a Deal

Hello again, my lovelies...

We are about to engage once again in a sexy adventure through the world of the arcane and supernatural, starting with a new werewolf themed story, Make Me Howl, in just one hour... but before we delve into a new, naughty romp, I have a proposition to make you all.

I love posting to Foreplay and Fangs, and I love watching my views climb as more and more people enjoy the sexy stories I have to share.  But what I would love even more is to see bigger numbers, more readers dropping by to be part of the fun.

So I'd like to see how many readers we can wrap up in our little web, shall we?

Here's how to play:

Tonight I will post Part 1 of Make Me Howl, a werewolf short story in 3 parts.  Tomorrow, at this same time, I'll post Part 2.  These two piece of the puzzle will already be sexy and steamy all by themselves and I promise you will get some good down-and-dirty entertainment from them.

But Part 3... that's the part you'll have to work for.  I'll just keep that sexy bit all to myself for now, and if you want it, you're going to have to show me.

If Foreplay and Fangs can get over 100 views from the moment Part 1 of Make Me Howl becomes available until one day after Part 2 goes up (That'll be the day after tomorrow, my lovelies), you can have Part 3 of the werewolf adventure.  And I promise it will be good.  But you have to help me get more than a hundred views if you want me to share.

The views don't have to go to any particular story... share them all.  The more +1s, shares, retweets and reblogs I get, the better. 

The choice is yours, darlings.  And I hope you enjoy the werewolves... in all their delicious glory.

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