April 1, 2012

Coming Soon.....

Tonight the blog uploads the last chapter of Verenia, and brings to an end the adventure of Brother Sean MacDougal.  Thank you again to my good friend Rob K. for allowing me to bring Sean into my little playground and throw him to the creatures of the night! 

Verenia was a work of normal supernatural fiction, a genre I also write in quite a bit.  I have written 5 full-length novels in this genre (in addition to the 2 full-length erotic novels I've got under my belt!), and one of them is currently under consideration by a professional publisher.  Posting Verenia here was fun because it allowed me to showcase some of my other work.  But it also gave me a chance to build up a bit more of the stuff you're really here to see: naughty, naughty sex!


Make Me Howl:  A short story featuring, yep, you guessed it... werewolves.

Rhythm and Blues: It's been a while since we've seen a warlock around here, too, hasn't it?

Her Dark Rewards: A short story featuring young Rhiannon, the vampire protagonist from Lotus Petals, set some 30 years before her adventures in Japan.  Don't know who Rhiannon is?  Follow the link and check out the sample chapters of my full-length erotic novel.

Things are getting sexy around here again, my lovelies!  Stay tuned for more naughty paranormal players and all the wicked fun they get up to.

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