April 18, 2012

Heart of a Stray (Pt 2)

He peered mischievously at the other two through half-open green eyes.  Anoki raised an eyebrow, then his face broke into an equally smug little grin.
“Rinse off, Nya,” Achak commanded, all chiding gone, leaning close to nuzzle her behind the ear.  “Then we’ll see what we can do for the birthday boy.
Nya smiled, too, first at Anoki and then winningly at Achak.  She’d been feeling very tired, exhausted in the aftermath of fear and running from the angry werewolves.  Now, though, home with her boys, she felt safe again, and relaxed.  The thought of making love, as always, renewed her spirit.

She tilted her head back between them, at first angling to kiss Anoki, strong and firm and fervent, then arching to kiss Achak, eager and happy.  The boys cupped water over her head in turns, helping to wring out any dirt or splatters of mud from the swamp, combing out her long black hair with their gentle fingers and trading kisses between their soft caresses.  Very soon Anoki whispered that he thought he felt well enough to get out of the bath and, gathering Nya up in his arms, he lifted her out of the water and took one graceful step over the side of the tub.  Evidently he was rapidly improved: he’d grown hard, and his kisses were tinged with a happy, lusty hunger.  He let Nya down and Achak took her into his own arms, embracing her tightly, his tongue winding with hers as he pressed her back into Anoki’s broader frame and dropped his hand down to stroke the other male’s turgid member pressed against her.
They moved down to the house’s basement, the windowless, shabby underground room they had designated their lair.  Quilts and pillows, none very fancy but all perfectly soft and comfortable, hoarded away from outreach centers and donation bins across the city, formed a sort of luxurious nest in the center of the floor, and there Anoki turned Nya towards Achak to undress him.  Nuzzling, purring, petting, she and the smaller shadiil took pleasure in removing his clothing, and soon he was beautifully naked like his two companions.  He and Nya sank to their knees together in front of Anoki, running their hands up and down his powerful thighs, kissing his dusky tan skin.  Nya was first to gently brush her lips over the insistent shape of his erection, and the shadow-walker gave a rough, heady purr.
“I love you, ‘Noki,” Nya whispered, looking up into those big, glowing green eyes.
“Love you, too,” he murmured back, stroking her hair.  “And you, Achak.”
He gave the other shadiil an affectionate caress.  Achak leaned forward, gazing up into Anoki’s face as he took the firm, ready cock into his mouth.
Anoki closed his eyes, the low rumble of his pleasure rolling to life in his chest.  Achak worked slowly, leisurely tasting the adamant member with patient, sweet desire, making a soft mewling sound of pleasure as he did.  When he finally released Anoki’s cock from his mouth Nya took it in hers.  The taste of his smooth, clean skin was wonderful: she knew the shape of him so well, the familiar contours and the scent she loved.  Anoki placed a hand very gently on the back of her head, coaxing her onto him until she had the whole length of his shaft happily in her mouth.  Then he guided her slowly off again.  Achak leaned in to take another turn.
They adored him together, trading off licking and sucking, pausing to trade kisses in between.  Nya and Achak pressed closer together in front of their lover, and Nya’s hand stole gently over to Achak’s lap, finding his own member brilliantly erect as well, standing at eager attention.  She curled her fingers around it to give it a long, affectionate stroke.  Low moon or no, she could smell the insistent arousal, sharp and pungent, compelling, rising from both her men.  It made her hungry, deep down and instinctive.  Her body woke to its own deep excitement in kind, growing flush with arousal, the scent of her own sharp must suffusing her skin.  Her thighs pressed together on the swell of sweet pleasure running between them, the place of her womanhood growing wet, excited at the response of her lovers.
“Oh,” Anoki murmured softly, as Nya and Achak both ran their tongues hungrily along the length of his shaft, pausing to kiss over it.  Nya panted happily between kisses, the first curious, eager whimpers of delight escaping her in tiny huffs.  She wasn’t in her full transformation but still the wolf was beginning to show itself in her: her face was growing a little smoother, more elfin, her ears angling to sharp points and her nose and mouth hinting at a subtle sort of puppy-ish muzzle.  Her teeth had become a little more vicious, lower canines lengthening so that as she panted happily up at Anoki, her tongue lolled prettily and pink between them.  In his blazing eyes, she saw her own had gone from soft, sweet blue to full, gleaming, marble-black, brimming with desire for him.
After several moments of his two lovers sharing the taste of his cock, Anoki—purring now loudly enough to be heard throughout the house, Nya thought—took his lovely ebon werewolf by the arm and guided her to her feet.  He buried his face against her neck, kissing her with wild yearning, nuzzling his face in the damp velvet of her neck, her wet hair, the wild scent of her pheromones.  He held her around the waist with one arm, pulling Achak up with the other so the paler shadiil could also press into the embrace with them, sandwiching Nya between them.  Two gorgeous erections rubbed up against her dark contours, the first smear of their slick seed cool and delicious on her skin.  Nya moaned, one man at each side of her throat, and her heart thumped hard as she dropped a hand to slowly stroke Anoki’s cock, pressing it towards her soft mound, lovingly kneading the round, glistening head.
She felt so right with her men holding her, the cherished weight of their bodies firm against her, a shelter of strong limbs and warm kisses.  Though she had meant to make something special of the night for Anoki’s sake, it had been Anoki who had made it unforgettable to her, proving to her in a heartbreaking swell of emotion that he would brave the sun itself to protect her, just as he would Achak, just as Achak would for either of them, too.  Her lovers traded kisses with her, with each other, and she was overwhelmed by the desperate and beautiful comfort in their intimate adoration.
Werewolf females were by tradition subservient to male.  In any werewolf pack Nya would be pet and plaything to the alpha or to whichever male he chose to give her.  She might have been some bruiser’s personal servant, bowing and scraping to him, a tray of drinks in one hand and a dog collar around her neck; or she might have been a source of entertainment, an omega wolf, kept handy if the pack wanted someone to act as prey, someone to chase down, someone to sharpen teeth upon.  With her two shadiil, though, she was more than wanted: she was loved.  She could feel it in the way Achak nibbled her earlobe, the way he rubbed his cheek affectionately against hers, and in the way Anoki’s hand slid gently along her side to her hip, admiring her with his touch, the little squeeze he gave her, the deep thrumming contentment rumbling in his chest.  She was alpha female to them both, prized, adored, desired…
Loved.  That was perhaps the best thing of all.  She was loved.
“You,” she murmured to Anoki between kisses.  “You two... both of you… you’re the best thing that could ever have happened to me.”
Her shadiil answered with murmured agreement and deep, ardent kisses.
She stepped out of the circle of their arms, touching Anoki’s chest lightly to beckon he follow her.  In turn, Achak followed him.  They all three lay down together, still entwined, still embracing, still caressing, a pile of naked, throbbing bodies.  Nya lay on her back, showing Anoki her flat, soft belly, spreading her thighs to let him have full view of her sex, eager to receive him.  He hovered over her on all fours, kissing a trail down her neck, over her collarbone and to each of her breasts, pausing to lav at each brown, stiffened nipple.  Meanwhile Achak hunched over him, one arm wrapped tightly around Anoki’s chest, nuzzling and nibbling Anoki’s neck and the smooth line of his powerful shoulders.
“So what would you like for your special day, ‘Noki?” Achak whispered.  Nya reached up over Anoki’s shoulder to run her hand through Achak’s hair, short, messy hair the color of steely smoke.  He rubbed his head against her hand in response.
“I’ve already got what I want,” Anoki replied, which seemed a little pedantic to Nya.  She pulled his face to hers and kissed him deeply, enticing his tongue to dance with her own and circling her hips up against him.
“Please, Anoki,” she whimpered softly.  “I want to do something special for you.  Tell us what you’d like…”
“Mmm,” he rumbled, returning his lips to her breast, the tip of his tongue playing across the pebbled peak of her nipple.  He answered the press of her hips, rocking his own down against her, sliding the length of his cock slowly against her sensitive folds.  Nya gave a light, happy gasp and arched her body against him.
“I just want to make love,” he murmured unhelpfully.  He glanced at Achak with a wide, Chesire-cat grin.
“We could both take Nya… I love it when she’s all caught up between us…”
Achak returned the expression with a smirk.  “If that’s really what you want, love.  But Nya wants you to be the one pleasured.  That’s sort of the point of birthday sex.”
“It would pleasure me,” Anoki purred.  “Nya?”
“I say,” she murmured, “you let the two of us share you.
Pulling him down, she kissed him long and deep and strong.  She reached between their bodies and found his cock, stroking it in gentle rhythm before guiding it to her entrance and sliding him inside.
Oh,” she murmured, closing her eyes in bliss.  Oh, Anoki…”
He uttered a soft growl of hunger against her skin, gently moving out and in, his fervent erection filling her, thrilling her with each slow, deliberate thrust into her warm, wet sex.  She moved with him, sinuous and moaning, wrapping her arms around his neck.
“Yes… just like that…”
Achak slid his own hand down between Anoki’s thighs, finding the slick wetness where their bodies joined and stealing a little on nimble fingertips, spreading it upwards between Anoki’s buttocks, across the tightness of the other male’s entrance.  Nya had always been one to become very lushly wet when her men got her going, her sweet cleft dripping from desire, and that had a very pleasant side effect for the two shadiil.  While Anoki moved languidly, indulgent in the sensation of being inside his she-wolf lover, Nya saw Achak preparing himself over the larger shadow-walker’s shoulder.  Achak ran one hand over his own rigid member, the other lovingly caressing Anoki’s side, until finally he leaned forward to position himself.
Anoki paused momentarily—then Nya felt him shudder and both men moaned as Achak entered the bigger shadiil, moving slowly, tentatively, until Anoki gasped in a ragged, lustful way and Achak’s hands tightened on smooth, tanned hips.
Anoki’s cock seemed to swell even larger inside of her, sending a delicious little tremor, an orgasmic foreshock, through her body.  Nya moaned encouragingly and rolled her hips up to beg for more of him, a canine whimper of pleasure escaping her throat.  In return he sunk himself deeper into her; Achak slid back and then deeper into him, a grunt of breathless satisfaction hissing through clenched fangs.
They all three moved in a slow,  mesmerizing pace.  Anoki planted his palms on either side of Nya’s lissome body and thrust into her, making her arch her back in joy and rocking him back against Achak’s own smooth motions.  Each movement stirred up a flurry of ecstasy through all their bodies: they were a chorus of soft, ardent gasps, low moans and bright cries of pleasure.  Nya whispered to her two men in sweet, excited bliss, murmuring their names as she felt her body start slipping towards deeper, dizzying completion.  Anoki bore down harder: she felt his teeth sink into the muscle of her shoulder, raw in passion, stinging but satisfying in its carnal exhilaration.  She saw Achak thrusting more fervently over Anoki, hunched over him, kissing the pale striping of his neck and shoulders.
“Yes, ‘Noki!” he whispered adamantly in the other male’s ear.  “Oh, yes, lover… you feel so good…”
Anoki’s only answer was a short snarl of affirmative, struggling to keep up the rhythm with Nya, thrusting harder, the head of his cock nearly slipping free before he plunged himself deeper again.  It was ecstatically good, stoking a fresh, wild bliss in her body and she threw back her head with a canine whine of intense pleasure, arching closer.  Limbs tangled and grasping, the trio tipped towards completion.
It was, perfectly, Anoki who reached his peak first, in a throbbing gush, driving his cock home in Nya’s warm cleft.  She felt each passionate, shuddering pulse of his orgasm filling her and angled her hips to receive him utterly, feeling the answering spasm of blissful response through her own loins, muscles thrumming with each wonderful twitch.  She gasped, pressing up to him, and as the rush of sweet pleasure flooded her senses she gave a short, panting series of yips and then a long, moaning yowl of deep satisfaction, her whole body trembling and crashing in on itself in delight.  Achak made a sound of ecstasy as well, nails digging into Anoki’s hips, and he suddenly plunged deep and held himself tightly against the bigger male in a heady, lustful shudder.  As he came he sunk fangs into the flesh of Anoki’s shoulder, surrendering to orgasm deep in his lover’s flesh, and Nya reached up to tangle her hand in his hair again, gripping it tightly, connecting them all three in the height of their shared climax.
Their tangled embrace sunk down to the nest of blankets and cushions, the three of them sliding apart and then together again in a loving knot of gentle caresses.  Nya and Achak cradled Anoki between them, slowly stroking him and kissing him in turns, pressed close on either side of his body.
“Happy birthday, beloved,” Achak murmured in Anoki’s ear.  He ignored the roll of eyes he got in response and stretched himself over Anoki’s striped chest to pull Nya into a delicious kiss.  “It was very sweet of our little she-wolf to think of it.”
“We still didn’t do anything for him we wouldn’t have done on any other night,” she murmured.
“That doesn’t matter,” Anoki said, nuzzling her cheek.  “I wouldn’t know how to really celebrate a birthday anyway, and there’s nothing I love better than making love with you both.”
And,” Achak added with a grin, “the night is still young.  We have hours yet to make it into a real celebration.”
He dropped her a wink.  “Besides that… I think he and I should also get to decide how you are to apologize to us, for disappearing without telling anyone and nearly getting yourself caught.”
“Yes,” Anoki agreed, tilting Nya’s face towards his and grinning.  “I like that idea very much.”
“What would you suggest, love?” Achak purred.  “As part of your birthday priveledge?”
Anoki stared happily at Nya, but he reached out an arm to snuggle Achak closer.
“I think,” he said, “that you and I… should tie the little puppy up.”
Achak made a sound of eager agreement and Nya giggled, beaming.
Anoki was right.  There was nothing more lovely than enjoying the night in heated passion with her two desperately cherished, bastard-born loves.

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