April 22, 2012

Into the Dollhouse (Pt 2)

Colt reminded Darry of a boy he’d taken theater classes with in high school: he was lean but muscled, catlike almost, and probably agile and wiry.  There was only one word for this young  man’s face, though: beautiful.  He had an almost royal countenance, gorgeous hazel eyes and lovely, pouty lips.  He was sitting lazily on an uncovered sofa when Genesis led naked Darry into one of the musty upstairs rooms, where the sheets had been pulled off of the furniture, and the shades thrown open to let in the sparkling, bright moonlight.
Colt was a lovely man, but it was Cleo—his sister—that immediately drew Darry’s eyes.  She was even prettier than Genesis, with long, shapely legs and smooth, delicious hips.  Her elegant but low-cut gray blouse showed off the curves of her gorgeous breasts, and her long, dark hair fell in a cascading wave down to the small of her back.  When Genesis and Darry entered, she turned away from a musing study on the night sky, and Darry noticed a lithe dancer’s grace accented even her slightest movement.

When her dark, garnet eyes locked on his, he read a promise there that drove out even the thought of Genesis, standing beside him.  He was a servant, instantly, to this savage lady’s will.
Cleo smiled—his stiff cock, visible to everyone in the room, gave an eager little jump.
“Oh, puppy,” the young woman purred, speaking to Genesis.  “This really is a nice little present you’ve brought us.”
“Yes,” Colt mused with a grin.  “How has he met your appetite, so far?”
“Like fine wine, Master,” Genesis said softly.  Darry saw her eyes were averted to the floor, unable to meet the beautiful gaze of the creature addressing her.
Colt stood up and crossed the room, circling Darry and inspecting him closely.  Darry couldn’t take his eyes off of the young man’s sister, however—while she waited for her brother to finish his inspection, Cleo dropped Darry a sly wink, sending an appreciative glance over his anatomy.
Darry suddenly became aware of Colt’s nearness—the man had come up right behind him, putting two strong hands on Darry’s shoulders, and leaning close to his ear.
“Do you like looking at my sister?”
Darry was suddenly rigid, snuck up on and caught in the act of ogling.  He dropped his eyes to the floor, and both Colt and Cleo let out a peal of laughter.
Darry jumped as he felt Colt’s tongue on his neck, tracing the cords of rigid muscle up to Darry’s ear.
“Don’t be ashamed.  I fully intend for you to fuck her.  Just as you have been fucking my dog…you have been enjoying the services of my dog, haven’t you?”
Darry gulped.  “Yes, sir.”
“Genesis is a delicious little cunt, isn’t she?” Colt purred.  Finally he withdrew from the intimate posture and wandered back to his couch, sitting down and grinning widely.
Darry saw something then that he had missed before.  Genesis had fangs—that he had become intimately sure of during their last few days of carnal indulgence.  She had four of them, in her eyeteeth and canines, and they grew sharper, more erect, when she was aroused.  She had never, ever bitten him with them, or even threatened to.  He had never asked what they were.
Colt—and Cleo, too, he could see—had fangs as well.  Each of them only had two fangs, though, just the canine teeth.  They were already glistening meanly, ready and alert… and he thought these two would have no reservations about biting at all.
“You did a good job, puppy,” purred Cleo, beckoning Genesis to her.  Geni went without hesitation and the elegant young woman stroked a hand through Geni’s soft, silver hair, grinning at her happily.
“Why did you send Genesis for me?” Darry found himself asking.
Colt shrugged.
“We didn’t send her for you, really,” he said.  “I send her to find creatures that will meet my appetites, or the appetites of my sister, and she brings them back to us.  She’s a bit of a wall flower most of the time… but it looks like she did very well for herself with you.”
“Yes,” Cleo agreed, still stroking Genesis’ hair, as if Genesis really were an obedient puppy seeking the soft, adoring hand of her owner.  “I like him very much, brother.  Can we keep him?”
“As long as he lasts,” Colt said, waving a hand.
“What are you going to do to me?” Darry asked.  He couldn’t take his eyes off of Cleo’s slender, pale fingers, drifting through the strands of Geni’s silvery hair.
Cleo’s smile sparkled with mischievous glee.  She left her place at the window—Geni following silently, though she hadn’t even been instructed to—and came to Darry’s side.  Now she ran her hand through his hair, and down his neck, to his naked chest.  She looked him up and down with delight, and he felt himself eagerly responding, the throbbing in his cock starting to turn to an ache, as he couldn’t help but drop his eyes to the crotch of her tight jeans.
“What would you like me to do?” she asked in a husky, adoring voice.
He glanced up at her eyes—he realized suddenly it had gotten hard to breathe.  Finally, dropping his gaze again, this time to her beautiful cleavage, he managed to find the words.
“Can I fuck you?” he whispered to her.  “Oh, God, can I please fuck you?”
She laughed out loud, throwing her head back with glee.  Caressing him again, this time resting her hand on the back of his head, she nodded.
“Oh yes, my little human.  You will be doing lots of that.”
He caught sight of Genesis then, quietly shrinking behind Cleo, keeping her gaze on the floor.  He had a brief moment to think of how her face was suddenly betraying something he wasn’t sure he’d ever seen on it before—she was worried.  Something about these two—her masters—was frightening her.  The closer Cleo got, running her hands through his hair, ogling him as he ogled her, muttering quiet encouragements as he carefully kneaded his stiff, swollen cock—the more afraid Geni seemed to become.
And he noticed something else: Geni’s face had changed.  Her skin had paled to a perfect, frosty white, and a peppering of gray scales, almost serpentine scales, had appeared just along her hairline; her ears had taken on a feral point at the ends, the edges becoming scalloped and even a little tattered—like wild pixie’s ears.
When she glanced up at him, there was nothing but that strange glimmer, that glancing, reflective light.
“You’ll have to forgive me,” Cleo whispered to him, reclaiming his attention—he saw her transformation now, too, the same pixie’s ears bejeweled with a dozen pretty, winking gems.  Again, all thought of Genesis was forgotten—he wanted this one now, and as she pressed more closely against him he realized he was about to get her.
“But you smell so good I think I might accidentally kill you.”

He’d known she’d have to have been a dancer—as his hands slipped under her blouse, stripping her eagerly as she muttered joyful encouragement, he felt the smooth, firm plane of her gorgeous abs.  She kissed him as he felt up, under her blouse, and found her stiff little nipples atop the flawless mounds of her breasts, and he moaned as her tongue—it was savagely pointed, a devil’s tongue—tangled with his.  She shed her glamorous clothing quickly and expertly, and he drank in the sight of her gorgeous pale flesh, the color of the palest pink rose petal he could imagine.  He pressed his hips towards her, his eager cock desperate for her cunt, but she laughed and gently shied away.
“Not yet, little man,” she murmured.  She reached one hand back to take Genesis by the arm and guide the younger girl next to her.  “I want to take my time with you… both of you.”
He nodded, and slid his hands down to cup her buttocks.  As he got down on his knees to offer his mouth up to her, she stripped off Geni’s beautiful Lolita dress, and lowered her face to the younger girl’s breasts, running her tongue—he saw suddenly that it was black—over Geni’s pert nipples.
He licked Cleo’s naked pussy slowly, savoring the dewy taste of it—spices and hyacinth—as he searched for her clitoris.  Her free hand drifted down to the crown of his head and pressed him closer into her; he slid his tongue teasingly back and forth, parting the lips and then withdrawing, like a thief.  A dozen filthy, dirty images went through his head suddenly, crude, base desires he had never felt before, wanting to subject himself to every humiliation this gorgeous creature could think up.  He rolled the tip of his tongue around the stiff, throbbing pearl of her clitoris, excited by the tinkling laughter she gave him.
He ate her out as she stripped Genesis down, and as soon as the girl was also naked Cleo led the both of them to one of the room’s large, uncovered loveseats.  She sat down on it and pulled Geni on top of her, wrapping her arms around the girl and continuing her exploration of small, lovely breasts.  Darry was cautiously aware of Colt, sitting across from them, reclining with his head on one hand, almost bored, as he watched his sister—Darry wasn’t really sure if they were brother and sister, really—entertained.
“Boy,” Cleo said suddenly; Darry returned his attention to her.
She lifted Genesis up a little, parting the girl’s thighs to open up the pretty white pussy as Geni pressed closer against her, breasts against breasts, kissing Cleo’s neck eagerly.
“Fuck her,” Cleo ordered him.  “Fuck her harder than you have before… make her scream.”
Part of him wanted to protest—in the back of his mind, Cleo’s wicked grin frightened him.  That momentary hesitation was lost, though, in overwhelming, intoxicated arousal, and he obeyed, taking his swollen cock in hand and guiding it into the wet, soft opening Cleo offered him.
Genesis raised her head with a gasp as he entered her—he was slow at first, until Cleo shot him a viciously commanding look: at the sight of her glittering eyes he drove himself into the hilt, and Genesis let out a short, surprised cry of pain.
Cleo laughed quietly, and kissed Genesis deeply as Darry quickly fell into rhythm.  Genesis moaned, alternating sounds of pleasure and pain as he fucked her, thrusting himself into her with almost vengeful, jealous need, while his eyes stayed on Cleo the whole time.
Cleo licked Genesis’s neck, brushing aside the girl’s gossamer hair and running her tongue in a wide, long swath across the flesh, moaning as she did.  As he fucked her little slave, she switched sides and licked again, tasting every inch of the puppy’s flesh—when she opened her eyes again, Darry felt a cold chill go through him, seeing that the oddly reflecting, glittering glint of coins had gotten wider, dilating like pupils and taking up the whole eye, turning Cleo’s gaze into a dark, distorted mirror.
“Oh, yes,” she hissed pleasantly, sounding a little drunk.  “That’s what I like, puppy… you taste like raspberries.”
Darry pounded harder, finding a rabid anger building up in his chest.  Why was Genesis the one Cleo was tasting?  He was there, hard and heavy for her, he would happily fuck her brains out, even in front of her brother—why was she more interested in Geni?
Genesis cried out again as he increased his rhythm—even as she did, he saw Cleo dart up and bite the young girl’s throat; he watched dark, viscous blood pool up around the woman’s lips, and she rolled her eyes back in pleasure as she started sucking at the wound.
“Whoa!” he shouted—at least, he’d meant to shout; it came out more like a quiet exclamation of awe.
“What the fuck are you doing?” he panted.
Cleo opened her eyes again, looking at him while never letting go of Geni’s throat.  She rolled her eyes back in her head and moaned loudly around the wound.
“The sweat—and blood—of our own kind is like a drug to us,” Colt explained quietly.  “The slave is good for many things, not the least of which is physical pleasure… but it heightens the sensation to be drunk with the liquor of her pheromones, as well.”
“Ah, God,” Darry muttered, feeling the pressure building as he approached his climax.  He didn’t want Genesis, though—in a quick, desperately crazy moment, he slid out of the younger girl’s pussy and pushed her aside.  Sinking down, he slid himself into Cleo’s hot, ready sex.
Immediately Cleo shrieked with joy, and he felt the muscles of her pussy close in tight on him.  He muttered a loud oath as he fucked, seizing her by the hips and driving in deep.  Shocked by his sudden impalement, the young woman grasped his buttocks and pulled him closer, deeper, with glee.
She opened her bloody mouth again in a wicked, silent screech.  She tilted her head to the side and sunk her fangs into the muscle of his arm—he cried out in agony as he felt the skin split open, and she started sucking the wound as eagerly as a calf at the teat.
It should have stopped him, but it only made him more urgent.  He fucked faster, wanting to claim her, wanting to possess her.  His climax barreled towards him, magnificent in its intensity even as he wanted to hold it off, to ride this creature longer—soon, though, he was exploding inside of her, pumping his come deep into her body, feeling it jet and jet again as he kept thrusting, seemingly unable to stop.
Cleo cried out in joy—she wasn’t coming herself, he didn’t think, but each throb of his cock inside of her seemed to send a small thrill through her nonetheless.   When he finally stopped coming—and he had no idea how he had managed to come so heavily, so prodigiously—he slid out of her cunt with a sigh of relief.
Then, quickly, she slipped off the sofa and onto her knees, just like Genesis had the first night of their affair.  Cleo immediately closed her mouth on his cock and sucked eagerly, licking the semen from it with a joyful smile.  Darry thought he must be drunk, the creatures around him were moving so quickly—he glanced down and saw Genesis had crawled up to Cleo as Cleo sucked him, and to his nearly horrified surprise he watched the younger girl start licking at the dripping come running down Cleo’s thighs.
The shock continued as Darry closed his hands around the back of Cleo’s head, thrusting himself into her mouth as she sucked.  Suddenly a pair of hands was on his shoulders, and he realized Colt had gotten up again, behind him—he thought wildly that the beautiful young man might be preparing to penetrate him, that Colt might want to assert his dominance in an animal, bestial way.  He both abhorred the idea… and yearned for it.
Instead, though, Colt’s tongue ran along the back of Darry’s neck, slow and savoring.  He went up and down Darry’s throat and shoulders, and presently moved down, licking the sheen of sweat from Darry’s skin.
They’re feeding, Darry thought distractedly, as all three of the predators sucked at his skin.  I’ve heard of this before… creatures that feed by seducing humans in their sleep… what was it called?
He didn’t have any more time to consider it, though—he was coming again, pumping hot semen into Cleo’s mouth, and she gave a tiny sound of surprise.  He realized after a second that she was already swallowing his seed, even before he had finished coming—that image sent a second immediate shiver down his spine, and he drove himself deeper into her mouth, thinking he might come again just to watch her throat work greedily on his come again.
“Will you bring Winnie?”
“Huh?” he muttered distractedly—he hadn’t noticed Genesis, looking up at him from the floor, paused in her pleasuring of Cleo to ask him.
“Please bring her.  I like her very much, Darry.  I want her to join us.”
“Oh, no,” he muttered—he thought his cock might be starting to soften, for once, finally exhausted.
Please,” Geni begged him, snaking a sneaky hand around his leg and reaching up to tease his quivering balls.  “Please, Darry… I want her.”
She’ll hurt her, his conscious mind said.  I don’t know how, but these three are killers.  They’ve already got me but they can’t have Winnie, too…
“Winnie won’t come,” he panted.  Genesis sat up on her knees, running her hand up his hip and begging him with gentle, soft caresses.
Please, Darry…
Cleo laughed huskily, tracing her tongue along his hip, taking his cock in her hand and pumping it gently.
“Be a nice boy, now,” she whispered to him.  “The puppy did a good job bringing you here to us.  You can be nice and bring her a little treat, too.”
The room was getting darker—the light was slipping away as he surrendered to a pleasant, drunken numbness creeping through his skin.  He felt Cleo’s fangs closing on his hip, and it was a bright, quick pain giving way to immediate pleasure—he wanted her to bite him all over, leaving fang-marks across all his flesh.
Colt’s teeth were at his shoulder, piercing the trapeze muscle; Darry moaned out loud, realizing through the haze of pleasure that he could feel Colt’s adamant erection hard against his backside.
Geni took his hand, sucking pleadingly at his fingers.  She ran her tongue delicately along the pads of each fingertip, then stood up, pressing his palm against her breast as she snuck her sweet nakedness against him.
Please, Darry,” she said.  “Winnie will come if you make her.  I’d like for her to come so badly.”
He kissed her—his head was in a spin.  The world was upside-down.  His cock was ready and raging again and he couldn’t think of anything but fucking.
“Yes,” he promised her.  “I’ll bring Winnie to you.  But you have to do something for me.”
“Anything,” she breathed.
He grabbed her by the shoulders and shoved her viciously, sending her sprawling over the arm of the sofa.  Stepping out of the circle of Colt and Cleo’s arms, he seized her by the hips and penetrated her with savage fury, forcing himself into her as deeply as he could, almost angry, determined to hurt her.  The others laughed happily as they watched him, Cleo clapping her hands joyously.
“Promise me,” he growled in her ear, thrusting vengefully as she squeaked in pain. 
“Promise that I get to fuck her first.”

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