April 14, 2012

Join The Party (Pt 3)

I pulled the boy I was masturbating closer, to let him have his turn at my mouth.  He gave me the reigns, not grabbing my head to thrust but gently twining his fingers in my hair and letting me work my lips around him, taking my time sucking and savoring him.  I let him out of my mouth and inclined my head a little farther to lick at his testicles, laving them up and down with the tip of my tongue while he started jacking off again.  The new boy in my pussy pumped me hard, sliding smoothly in and out and slapping my ass as he thrust; I could feel the wetness of my own orgasms and the come from the first boy slick on my inner thighs, messy and oh, so good.  My cunt was still quivering and filled with a pleasant after-buzz of coming twice already, and every pump of my new partner was like little tingling shocks.  I wriggled my hips against him, playing a little hard-to-get and making him grab me harder, fucking deeper and with savage dominance.  I took the boy in front of me into my mouth and worked him in rhythm with the boy working my cunt, wanting to gobble down his come at the same time the boy behind me fucked me to another peak.  The one in my mouth came very quickly, shooting his load down my throat as I swallowed thirstily—he moved out of the way to admit the boy who had first fucked my pussy. 

I looked at him with hungry eyes; my pussy-juices were still on his cock, and as he shoved it into my mouth I felt the mingled taste of my come and his.  I moaned around it as he let me suck myself off of him, licking the slick, sour taste of my cunt off of his delicious head.  But he didn’t want to deep-throat me like the others had; once I had sucked the taste of me off his dick, he pulled it out and held it just outside the reach of my tongue, jacking it eagerly to come on my face.
The boy in my pussy stopped suddenly.  He pulled out with one last slap on my ass, the sat down and pulled me onto his lap.  I felt his cock slide up into me as I knelt on top of him, sitting facing away from him, bouncing up and down on him while he fucked me.  The first boy moved to stand in front of me and took one of my hands, moving it to cup my breast.  I caught his meaning and brought both hands up to lift and offer my tits to him as he rubbed the head of his cock on them, jacking off against them as his brother bounced me up and down.
I moaned long and loud as I felt another orgasm building; the boy’s hips banged against me as he drove himself up and up—another wave of throbbing ecstasy gave way just as the first boy started coming a second time, spraying semen across my tits.  Underneath me, it was only a moment before the boy in my pussy started coming too, and it was messy and wet, dripping out of me all around him.
I was already feeling very well-fucked, even a little bit sore; there was come on my face, on my tits and oh, there was a lot of it in my pussy.  All five of the frat brothers had shot a load or two at me by now…
But I still wasn’t ready to be done.

I pulled the first boy—the boy that started it all—close down on me, and kissed him.  I wanted more.  I wanted so much more…  as I kissed him I reached out to pull the boy who had been second closer, too, and broke my kisses with the first boy to lean over and whisper at him.
“You want a turn at my pussy, too?”
He didn’t have to answer.  He sat down on the couch next to the boy whose lap I was sitting on, and I turned to climb onto him, pressing my come-smeared tits against his chest and lowering myself onto his ready cock.  I bounced up and down on him, riding him hard, marveling at the weight of his cock probing my already warm, well-worked-out cunt.  He slid his hands under my butt and spread my cheeks, holding me and guiding me as I ground down on him—soon, one of his brothers slipped his hand down there, too, fondling my curves and sliding me a little higher up, helping his brother out.
“Somebody’s got to warm up her ass,” I heard one of them murmur to the other—I hardly had time to say anything before the boy I was riding pulled me closer to him, sliding his own hips down and displaying my ass prominently while he fucked.  I shook my head coquettishly—I wasn’t sure I could take it in the pussy and the ass at the same time—but my buzz was still singing and I still wanted to play very much, and before I could protest I felt the head of someone’s penis probing carefully at my asshole. 
I heard the boy spit on his hand and run his wet fingers along the tight little hole, rubbing deep—I felt him slip a finger into it and gasped.  The thought of what he was about to do sent my pussy right to tingling with desperate pleasure again; with a short, deep, wonderful pain, I felt the swollen head of one of the cocks sliding into my ass, invading me at the same time his brother pumped away at my pussy.
I moaned loudly, feeling two cocks in me at once, feeling them fuck in alternative rhythms, vying to be inside me.  My pussy was drenched, aching with pleasure, thrumming like an electric wire; my buzz was thrilling, making me flush, making me giggle more with every deep, animal thrust. 
The other three brothers gathered around us—one of them turned my head and shoved his cock in my mouth.  Now I was being fucked in all three holes, hard and fast—I wished they would all come at once, filling me and covering me with their beautiful, delicious semen.
One of them took me by the hair and pulled me away from the boy in my mouth—he started shooting come onto my face, fast and hard, covering me in his slippery semen.  The one on the other side of me started coming, too, tilting me towards him to catch his in my mouth; I felt both of them dripping down onto my tits and streaming down to my stomach.  I bounced excitedly between the one in my pussy and the one in my ass—at this point I thought I might never come down, pleasantly tipsy, full of come, covered in come, being fucked in three holes at once and getting more and more messy with their semen dripping all over me.
I felt the one fucking my ass bury himself to the hilt and I cried out—it hurt a little but I was far too drunk with pleasure to care, as I felt him throbbing inside me, coming hard in my ass; he slipped out of me with a sweet little tingle but before I could even enjoy it there was another cock impaling me—another boy taking his turn.  They were all going hard and fast now, fucking like desperate animals, trying to fill me up even more, and I loved it.  I wanted it.  I wanted them all coming, all over me.
I bounced up on the one in my cunt, coming down on him all the way and moaning as I rolled my hips down, feeling his cock all the way in me, to the hilt.
“Come for me,” I whispered desperately in his ear.  “I wanna feel you gushing in my pussy… I want you to come so hard…
He moaned back and thrust harder—the boy in my ass picked up on the rhythm and pumped even harder.  This time the orgasm caught me by surprise, but it was wild and intense, echoing loudly through my body as two cocks pumped me into a frenzy.  I screamed with pleasure, feeling my pussy muscles contract tightly, clutching and clenching at the hot, hard cock fucking them.  I bounced eagerly, happily, laughing and moaning as it went on and on, and I felt the first boy explode deep, deep in my cunt, his whole cock throbbing violently as he poured his come into me, feeding my hungry pussy as it tightened—a second later the boy in my ass came, filling up the already slippery hole with more hot semen.  A last boy grabbed my head and forced his cock in to the hilt, and come shot down my throat and I swallowed it with eager delight.
Finally, I felt like I had taken all I could.  My ass was sore—my pussy pleasantly numb and dripping.  I lay back on the sofa and part of me hoped two or three of them were still hard enough to want to come in my mouth… but it seemed like all five of my fuck buddies had shot the last of their loads.
It had been a good night, just as I’d hoped.  I grinned to myself, letting one hand drift down to massage my thrumming little clitoris while the other wiped some of the come off my tits, and brought the fingers to my lips to suck it all off, loving every taste.

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