April 26, 2012

Orgasm (His Turn)

quick, compulsive rhythm; racing heart, driving homE
my body throbbing heavily; your body writhing; i’M
sliding, slipping, thrusting, touching—deeper, faster—nO.
pause, withdraw, go slowly, drawing out the blissful fighT.
inch by inch exploring your slick depths, your flesh naoI
 working up excitement, pressure, passion. To and frO,
three times fast, than draw it out again, our forms ajoiN

in wet, hot lust; the beating pulse of muscles, moaning,  oI
plunging to the hilt I feel you tighten, tense, and moaN

i’m almost there—a little faster—now I’m at the briM,
i’m deep inside, and with a strangled cry at last let gO.
surrendering to overwhelming rapture, this is iT
thrust again, and still again, I need to fill you, I
am helpless as my body must be satisfied, and O,
i hear you moan for more and more; in your flesh, I resigN

(Special thanks to Mae West for this one.
Why?  I have my reasons.)

("naoi": Plural of naos, a temple in Greek architecture)

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