April 27, 2012

Orgasm (Hers)

Every touch and every stroke, driving me to heights
Meant just for this, for tangled bodies racing towards their bliss.
On and on, your hunger and my passion climbing.  Tight,
Trembling, quaking, slick and hungry—I yield to your kiss.
I want you deep inside of me, to satisfy desires,
Oblige my need, plunge into me and
Nudge me closer, drive me wild.

It stirs, it sparks, it crests within me, waves upon the sand,
Now increasing, now escaping—God, I feel it there!

My body—arching—welcoming each thrust, yes—deeper—please!
Out of breath, I moan for you, my wordless, thankful prayer.
Taut as you explode in me, each shudder, each release
Inciting me still further, driving quaking passion mad,
Overthrowing senses in crescendoing demand,
Naked pleasure echoing and grand.

(Special thanks to Mae West for this one.
Why?  I have my reasons.)

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