January 3, 2014

Ravaged Blog Tour, Day 1: A Review of "Witchy Wolf", by Leona Bushman

Leona Bushman won me over last year with her zombie novella, Slow Burn.  This year, she leads the charge in Ravaged with the anthology's first, very sweet, short story, Witchy Wolf.

If you enjoy the Immortals After Dark series by Kresley Cole, you'll love Witchy Wolf.  Immediately I felt the tug of that modern fantasy kissed by ancient myth and the magic of the old world.  The story follows a young witch named Sabrina (isn't that always the best name for a witch?), making her traditional walkabout to meet her coven at Stonehenge. Sabrina's carrying a secret this year, though... something of which she is certain the coven Mother will not approve.

Along the way she runs into Treyan, a handsome man with a secret of his own: he's a werewolf, and on an errand from his pack leader. He can sense something different about the witch, though, and so he finds himself lured away from his deed to find out what about it is so alluring to his lupine senses.

This story carried the sparkle of urban fantasy magic, witches and werewolves traveling back to their roots in the midst of a modern tourist attraction, playing rugby and craving Coca Cola in the midst of ancient tradition. It makes the characters playful and loveable, as well as helps us identify. It also weaves ribbons of supernatural beauty throughout, taking us through the mysterious monoliths of Stonehenge to a coven's rite at Avebury.  The juxtaposition is clever and fun.  It's a quick little read but its great to settle down with right before bed, if you want a smile and a laugh and a sexy little sojourn into the night.


  1. Terrific review Brantwijn!

  2. Thank you! I think you need to be my query writer from now on :D LOL you did a better job than I in finding the words LOL Thanks again for the lovely reviews.


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