January 29, 2014

Time for another Thursday Taste!

It's time for a taste of something sweet, my lovelies...
How about a sneak peak into the love affair of Finn, the Half-Sidhe Knight of Springtime, and his two lady loves, the Princesses of the Elves.

You may recognize Finn from last week's taste. In Goblin Fires, Finn plays a supporting role to his goblin half-sister, Reagan of the Autumn Court. Finn will have his own adventure soon enough, and what better way to start out a sexy elvyn romp than with... a threesome?

**Important Note**

(from earlier in the chapter)
Nine and Neri hadn't been born faerie princesses; they hadn't even been born twins, or sisters at all.  They were changelings, human children stolen from their world and transformed by the fae, becoming fae themselves 

In other words:

And now,
On to the sweet part!

"Mm," Nine murmured.  She sidled up to them softly and slipped her arm around him, tilting her head up to also kiss him, and he unwrapped one arm from Neri's waist to wrap it instead around Nine's, pulling them both against him.
"It has been some time ere we were out among mortals," Nine said.
Neri followed up with, "Such a long time since we enjoyed the simple pleasures.  Oh… Our Knight… wilt thou—"
"Indulge us even more?" Nine finished in a sultry, smoky tone. 
"Is that what you'd both like?" he asked, voice soft.  Neri's hair smelled of sweet strawberries; Nine's like jasmine.  They pressed their bodies against his in affirmative as they traded off kissing him, and he could feel his reaction already stirring underneath the dark blue jeans.
"Indeed," Nine murmured, running a hand through his dark blonde hair.
"We would," Neri agreed.  She was the first to take him by the hand and begin to tug him towards the bed.  The "bower", the faeries called it, in their charmingly antiquated way, but he liked the term.  It was unquestionably intimate, momentously intentional.  Something about Neri, standing on tiptoe, whispering into his ear "Come to me… share my bower, dearest,"… It drove him wild.
He let her lead him, other arm still wrapped around her sister to take Nine along as well, and together they all three tumbled down onto soft, luxuriant white sheets.  Neri was kissing him with growing eagerness—she was the more expressively passionate, letting actions convey her meaning, speaking with her small, lithe, lovely body.  He indulged her, leaning in to return her excited kisses while holding Nine on his lap, arm curled tightly around her.  She, the subtler flirt, clutched the collar of his jacket with her delicate fingers and nuzzled at his throat, pressing her lips silently and softly to his neck and just below his ear.
"You both know how beautiful you are to me," he murmured between trading kisses with each of them.  "My Ladies… my gorgeous girls."
"Mm, we do, Sir Knight," Nine whispered back.  "Thou art—"
"—ne'er remiss in telling us.  And we—"
"—do so cherish thee, Our Love."
"We do so love thee..."


  1. The sisters engage my attention as they drag their Knight to bed and exchange their love and their convincing words how much they love him. I would appreciate having them as my faerie princesses.

  2. Excellent taster. I love the passion and love exchanged between the princesses and their knight.

  3. LOL, the true meaning of a guy having his hands full :)

  4. Sweet and sensuous. A very nice taster. :)


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